Doughs and Don’ts of Hand stretching Pizza Dough

The process of hand stretching your own pizza dough at home may seem difficult if you have never done it before. Here are a few tips to take you through the process of stretching your pizza dough by hand:

The proofing process:

When handling any pizza dough It’s wise to remove it from refrigeration 2 to 4 hours before you plan on using it. Letting your dough rest at a room temperature well help to make sure that it its easier to handle for stretching. Lightly oiling the dough or covering it in plastic wrap is one of the easiest ways to keep it from drying.

Properly kneading:

In order to properly knead out pizza dough it’s a wise idea to really pound it out using a mallet. Crossing your fingers through the dough and kneading it can make sure that it is well blended and ready for stretching.

The Stretching process:

Once the dough is at room temperature and properly kneaded, you can begin the stretching process. Start with the dough ball draped over the backs of your fingers. Then press your knuckles in words and start pulling out along the pizza dough. Start slowly rotating the pizza slowly outwards watching for the signs of holes. If the whole forms towards the center, start the process again.

Hold the dough up to the Light to check for any spots that are too thick or too thin. It will take practice to find the perfect rhythm to your dough stretching. If the dough doesn’t feel ready to stretch, put it down and rest it again.

Follow these steps at home for stretching better dough and remember for thin crust dough pizza, you will want to go light on the toppings!

This post was written by Shan Bakrac, owner of Top Slice Pizzeria. Top Slice Pizzeria is a the best slice of pizza in St Petersburg, Florida with over 35 years of experience, and the best ingredients on the market to make the freshest pizza! If you’re in the Downtown St. Pete area come on in, place an order for pickup or find us on Uber EATS!

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