Grimm by name but not by nature

Fairy tales are a staple for any childhood and many children have come across tales such as Rumpelstiltskin and Hansel and Gretel. The story of the siblings and the witch intent on boiling them is one that haunted my dreams for many years. If only she had had a Lincat SLR6 Silverlink 600 4 Burner Gas Oven like the ones you can buy from Maybe then she would have chosen to bake cakes instead of torture children.

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The Grimm brothers created some of the most spectacular fairy tales around and they were very interesting individuals themselves.

When the two brothers started to write their stories, they were unaware that they would become so popular with children and families alike. They were actually intended to be a part of a scholarly project that looked to identify tales and preserve them as a way to keep alive the culture and spirit of the Germanic people. The stories were first translated into English back in 1823 and the stories immediately found their way into the hearts and minds of children and families throughout the country and they are regularly still told to children nowadays.  In order to get inspiration for their stories the brother’s used to listen to the tales of, usually middle-classed women, and made records of them before turning them into tales.

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Throughout the years the Grimm’s added and adapted their collection of tales and it wasn’t until 1857 on their seventh edition of the collection that they finally published the stories. It is this edition that most of the collections that you can find nowadays are based upon. It contained in total 210 stories. As soon as the collection started to be picked up and gain popularity with families the brothers decided to make them more suitable for a family audience and removed any of the sexual references that had been in the previous versions and they added in some of the folk style language that we have become accustomed to now in fairy tale stories. Unlike the happy endings of Disney tales that have become popular in today’s society, the Grimm brothers often opted for a darker often unhappy ending to their stories.

The original tales of the Grimm brothers have been adapted time and time again and many of them have been made into short cartoon adaptations. Thanks to these two brothers we have a world filled with fairy tales at our finggertips.