The Benefits of K Cup Brewing at Work

A brewing machine that uses individual cups at work to brew coffee and other beverages at work caters to different tastes. It allows office staff, workers, or clients to brew what they like to drink. It is easy to use this type of machine and clean. It make one cup at a time quickly.

These flavored k cups come in a wide variety of flavors. This gives everyone a chance to try some new flavor of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. These k cups are simple to use and brew a delicious beverage in seconds. Throw away the cup and brew the next one seconds later. Most machines let you brew a small or large cup. This cups give worker restaurant quality coffee or beverages without leaving the office. Several different manufactures make k cups giving consumers many varieties to choose from. They have brands that make different coffee flavors, teas, and hot chocolate. In the workplace with diverse tastes, this type of beverage service will make employees or clients happy.

Regular Coffees and Flavored Coffees

Most k cups offer several varieties of regular coffee bean and blends. They are sold in supermarkets in packs of twelve. A breakfast blend is a light balanced roast with a smooth sweet taste. An Italian Roast uses dark beans roasted for a long time to produce a rich strong acidic coffee. There are single origin coffees that uses beans from a select country. One type is Sumatra single origin coffee. Many countries have single origin k cups.

French Roast is another popular dark roast coffee. It is made using Arabic beans. This is a strong dark coffee. Flavored coffees often come in regular and decaf k cups. A popular flavor is French Vanilla a coffee that tastes of vanilla creme. It is made from a light roast. Another flavor is Maple Pecan coffee a light roast with the flavors of maple syrup and roasted pecans. Cafe Mocha combine hot chocolate with coffee. It is made from Arabic beans.

Cafe Carmel is made from Arabic coffee beans with the buttery taste of fresh caramel. Many flavored coffees sweet like a dessert. Overall, manufacturers develop each flavor carefully to provide a restaurant quality blend. Other coffee flavors are pumpkin spice, chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry, chocolate hazelnut, and Irish creme coffee

Regular Tea, Herbal Tea and Hot Chocolate Choices 

K-cups have many different types of regular black tea and herbal tea flavors. They have English Breakfast tea made from black tea. It is one of the most popular blends to drink. Earl Grey is another blend made by different companies. It is a popular flavored black tea. Black teas can come in a variety of flavors. Some of the flavors are Black Cherry, Blood Orange, Chocolate Rose Tea, or Coconut Chai Latte.

They have decaffeinated teas and herbal teas. Green Tea is a popular choice made from green tea leaves. Popular flavors of herbal tea are peppermint, lemon zinger, apple cinnamon, and ginger tea. These k cups provide companies with a variety of choices for beverages at meetings, breaks, lunch, and meetings with clients.

Hot chocolate and cider is another beverage that k cups offer. They have regular and flavored hot chocolate. This makes k cups a good choice for consumers and businesses to use. Recently a national cookie company partnered with k-cup company to serve coffee and beverages with their cookies.