Shahi Rooster Biryani

Substances Boneless hen : 1 kg

Onion : four Massive Onions Basmati Rice : 500 gm Garlic : 2 huge Ginger : 50 gm Milk : ½ cup Tomato puree : 1 cup Turmeric powder : 2 spoons Jeera powder : 2 spoons Inexperienced Chilly : 5 items Cashew : 50 gm Kismis : 25 gm Salt : as per style Kesar : little bit Peanut : 20 gm Ghee : 250 gms Vinegar : four desk spoon Dhania powder : 2 tea spoon full Garam Masala powder : 2 tea spoonful Elaichi : 10 gms Dalchini : 10 gns Clove : 5 gms Crimson chilli powder : 2 tea spoon Sugar : 2 desk spoon Shahi Jeera : 2 tea spoon Methodology Minimize the boneless hen in equal items. Wash them correctly Now hold the washed hen marinated with vinegar Put the rice to boil over a stress cooker and take out the identical as soon as it whistle for two minutes. Preserve it apart at a unique bowl Rooster process Put one other pan over your gasoline range. four spoonfull of ghee over it elacihi, Shahi Jeera, dalchini and clove. garlic in identical amount onion over it ginger of 1 tea spoon turmeric powder ½ spoons jeera powder 1.5 teas spoon dhania powder 1.5 spoons and add 1.5 purple chilli powders. kesar and garam Masala into it. Fry the entire content material effectively Now put all of the hen items over it one after the other. Stir it effectively with Masala. Fry the hen till it turns purple and dry 1 cup tomato puree over it and fry it effectively sugar and salt in accordance with style. half cup water. Let it to boil till it will get absolutely soaked over the Masala. As soon as the gravy turns dry take out the identical from range and hold it apart. Basmati Rice preparation Now put the basmati rice in a unique bowl. Now put a unique pan over the range Add 4tea spoon ghee and add cashew, Kismis, peanut and shahi jeera. Add once more Dalchini, Elaichi and clove in to it. Now add the boiled basmati rice within the pan and stir it effectively with Shahi jeera, cashew kismeis and pea nut. Let it to fry. Add one spoon of salt and sugar over it respectively.

Now take out the dried hen and correctly add it with rice together with its spicy gravy. Now get garam Masala and kesar and add it with the rice. Now swap off your gasoline. Your tasty hen biryani is now prepared. You possibly can add few inexperienced chillies lower into small items over this scrumptious dish for perfume. Now serve it sizzling with salad. And revel in it with your loved ones.