Cookies Didn’t Turn Out Great? Here Are Mistakes You May Have Made

You have decided you will often make cookies in your house. You make your first attempt, and the results are not pleasant, and you now want to give up. Before you put your items away, returning to the process you used to make your cookies could be a good idea. You could have probably made common mistakes that other people have made before, and these mistakes ruined the results. The following are things you may have done that caused the wrong outcome. Learn about them so you will not repeat the same the next time you make your cookies.

You Used Eggs Straight from the Fridge

If you used eggs from the fridge, did you give them enough time to reach room temperature? If you didn’t, it could be one of the reasons the cookies did not turn out great. Cold eggs prevent the aeration of the dough, meaning there will be no air pockets that improve the cookies’ texture. So, give the eggs enough time to warm before using them.

You Did Not Use the Right Flour

Another reason is that you used the wrong type of flour. While many use all-purpose flour for cookies, using the flour indicated in the recipe may be best. Different types of flour, like rye flour UK, are most suitable for making cookies and biscuits. Remember, using the wrong flour affects the texture of the cookies.

Your Baking Powder was Stale

Your cookies were ruined because you probably used stale baking powder. Baking powder and soda are leavening agents that help your dough to rise. However, these agents lose their potential with time, meaning old ones don’t have the most effect. Therefore, ensure you change them every six months.

You Softened Your Butter Too Much or Too Little

What do you understand by softening your butter? It is possible to throw the butter in the microwave to soften it until it is liquid. That is too soft for the cookies. Softening it too little may also not bring the best outcome. The best way to soften your butter is to let it sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes. This way, you can quickly press it.

Your Measurements Were Wrong

You should never go wrong on measurements to bake the best cookies. Therefore, if you did not like the results, you could have used inaccurate flour measurements or other ingredients. Don’t just pour flour into the measuring cup. Use the spoon and level method to measure your flour to avoid using excess.

You Did Not Let the Doug to Rest

Once you roll the dough, give it enough time to rest before baking. Avoid rolling it too much since adding more air could make the cookies flat once you put them in the oven. Mix and roll at a minimum to achieve uniformness. Make sure the dough rests for about 24 hours before you start baking.

Your Baking Tray Was Overcrowded

Overcrowding your baking pan could also ruin the results. It could be the cookies spread into each other. So, avoid filling the pan by using two pans. You can also bake in turns if the cookies cannot fit in a pan.


These are seven things you might have done wrong that ruined your cookies. Before you give up, make another attempt and try your best to avoid these mistakes the next time. It might be your next favorite thing.